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Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bean!!

Today's post will be short and sweet. There are no pictures because 'ain't nobody got time for that' right now. Today is officially the Bean's fifth birthday. Hurrah! Who'd of thought we'd be celebrating his fifth birthday in England? Not me, but I think we will have a good time.

I have approximately 21 (yes, twenty-one) kids that will be showing up at my house tomorrow at 2 o'clock. The voices in the back of my head are screaming in unison:  "What in the hell were you thinking?" There will probably be close to 50 party attendees at the height of the frenzy. Between school mates, neighbors and the Hub's coworkers, I am pretty sure I will lose what is left of my sanity.

I went to the Commissary on base and tried to order the fancy construction themed cake we saw in the order book a few weeks ago. I thought, since there was a deli/bakery in the Commissary, this would be a snap, even with the usual Monday closure plus the Tuesday closure due to the furlough, but I was mistaken. I cannot imagine the look on my face when the guy behind the counter told me it would take fourteen (14) days to get that specific cake. I told him, "I want a cake for a party, not to bronze! Is it made out of gold?" He replied, "seriously", and asked me what I wanted. I told him the construction cake. He leaned in, and I inwardly giggled as if we were about to engage in an illegal transaction, "We can make them here," he looked around, "but we don't have the little toys to go on top. Think you could bring some?" I was delighted. "You bet," I told him, "How about a selection and whoever decorates it can work their magic?" His response, "Perfect. Can you bring them on Friday?"  The deal was done.

My original idea to have a bouncy house fell flat (haha, flat bouncy house!). If you've been keeping up, you already know the Bean has an affection for the bouncy house. I learned, at another birthday party, that the Outdoor Rec Center (on base) will rent them for dead cheap. What I didn't take into consideration was the shoe box size of my back yard. So I hope the kids aren't showing up for a bouncy house, or I may have a riot on my hands. So I fielded some ideas from my friends of Facebook, and got some bomber ideas. I have a cubic ton of sand for construction, a water table, a monster truck ramp ( I have to finish detailing today), painting center, building blocks, a train track, Lego station, bean bag toss, horseshoes, limbo and tons of food.

Now my only worry is since all my activities are planned for the out side is that it will rain.

The Hubs and Bean celebrated early by camping outside last night in our huge tent. The two of them slept peacefully last night with a futon mattress, a couple of blankets, the Bean's 'wild amnimals' and their own internal blast furnaces to keep them warm. (I probably could have squeezed the bounce house out there, judging from the size of the tent, but then there would have not been any room for anything else.) The woke bright and early with the rising sun - which was about 4:30 this morning. I am guessing both my boys will need a nap this afternoon.

I have totally rearranged the house, twice, and all I have left to do is vacuum and clean a few surfaces. I've already moved all my breakables to other locations and put the Hub's guitars in his upstairs man cave. I have been stressing all week about this, but the Hubs has done a brilliant job of wrangling me in and occasionally holding the brown paper bag so I don't hyperventilate. I keep telling myself that people are coming for a birthday party, but let's face it - people come to see what your house looks like.

Veggies are cut. Buffalo chicken dip is made. Pasta salad is prepared.  Monster Truck Racing Track is finished.  Direction and parking sign is made. I think we're about to party!

OK maybe one picture. We caved and let him open a gift or three. After all it is is his actual birthday today. I told you they had trouble keeping their pants on!

I'll most certainly have a post-party post...wish me luck!!


Take care!!


  1. Happy Birthday Bean! Miss you guys! Have a great party!

  2. I know the party will be great...and you can crash (that's construction party humor) when it's over. Can't wait to skype and hear all about it!